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This page can assist you with answers to your questions and clarifying information
related to our photo shoot session, pricing, cheduling and more.

How long does it take to receive my photos?

Typically digital images are available instantly at the end of your photo session, but do allow a day or two for any prints to be ready or for any retouching that need to be done.

Where is the studio based?

The Studio is based in 55 Holmes Road, London NW5 3AN for more details click here.

Is my privacy and my photographs secure?

We maintain the security and privacy of all clients photographs. After shooting and viewing we remove all photographs from our computers. The photos are then stored in a safe location, where they cannot be accessed by anyone, apart from ourselves. Unless we are instructed by the client after he or she has received the images to destroy our copies, they will remain in our safe location for the period of two months then will be destroid. No clients photographs can be used by Top Gallery Studio without formal consent in the way of model release forms signed by the client.

Are the photography services for women only?

NO, Top Gallery photography studio is designed and operating for women, women with joined male partners or male clients alone, we do not except male cross-dressers.

What should I bring for my session?

That answer depends on your photo needs, you can bring along any clothing and outfits that you may want to include in the photo shoot. Also you could bring along some ideas and samples if you know exactly what you want or have a certain look in mind, even though we see it as our duty to come up with creative ideas and poses, your specific ideas are always welcome, The more ideas we have, the better the results, guaranteed! Also bring a few underwear sets of different colours or bikinis.

How do I prepare for the photoshoot?

Stay healthy, and get a good night’s sleep. Try not to party the night before the photo shoot, if you are tired it will show both on your face and in your attitude. For most fashion shoots do not wear underwear, socks, or tight fitting clothes. Anything that presses on your body will leave red pressure marks which often can take up to one hour to go away. Also remember bras are usually never worn for fashion shoots, they leave undesirable lines.

Do I have to be a certain age, or any specific size?

No, the majority of our clients are non professionals and they come from all walks of life and age group, we work with clients ranging in age from nineteen to seventy, and all sizes, from 6 to 20. As professional photographers we have developed special techniques to enhance and capture the woman’s perception of herself, and her strong desire to feel and look like a professional model. We will guide you throughout the unique photo session and we will work together on the composition, styles, deferent poses and outfits to achieve the best results.

Do you offer photo-retouching services?

Minor retouching is included in our photo shoot packages like: colour correction, skin tone smoothing, removing minor skin marks and scars, cellulitis etc. Any other major retouching like: objects manipulation, background changes, digital liposuction and or body parts enhancement, removing dark circles under the eyes and tattoos, The cost will be quoted on request, depending on your specific requirements.

How much will the photo shoot cost and how do I pay?

We have six photo shoot and video packeges and prices start from £190. For more information please visit our Prices page. We do requre a deposit to secure your booking and the remainder in cash at the end of the photo shoot. The deposite can be paid via PayPal using debit or credit card, is safe and you don’t need a PayPal account.


Can I cancel or reschedule my booking?

Yes of course you can, all we ask is to give us a 48 hr notice. If you have booked a video shoot, cancellations under this time will incur a loss of deposit.

Do I have to pay for Make-up and Hair style?

Make-up & Hair style is optional, a lot of our clients they do prefer to have their makeup and hair done by themselves or by their own MUA however, if you choose to take this option for £70 our professional makeup & hair stylist will pamper with you for an hour or two to create the fantastic glamorous makeover results which will make you feel and look the part, not only for the photo shoot but also afterwards on your night out with friends… if you’re not too tired that is!

What forms of payment do you accept, and do you require a deposit?

Once we have agreed a date, you will need to pay a 50% deposit via a secure PayPal to secure your booking, and the remainder in cash at the end of the photo shoot. If no deposit is received within 24hrs after we have confirmed the available date the booking will be cancelled. The deposit is refundable if you provide more than 48hrs notice of a cancellation. However, if you cancel the booking in less than 48hrs notice your deposit will be retained as a cancellation fee.






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